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Cossouq’s Debut Campaign #SamjhaKar Feat. Shriya Pilgaonkar Embraces Inclusivity

Cossouq, a sensibly curated online marketplace for beauty and personal care products, debuted in the Indian market with a percipient video campaign- #SamjhaKar featuring popular Indian actress Shriya Pilgaonkar. As an e-commerce platform that aims to make responsible beauty brands and credible homegrown brands more accessible, it holds diversity, equality, and inclusivity in the highest regard. The video campaign challenges dogmatic beauty standards & questions age-old stereotypes while truly embracing the brand’s motto “Celebrating You”. Conceptualized and developed by Whiplash Agency, this inspiring DVC will run across the brand's YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat & LinkedIn handles.

“Cossouq is mindful of people’s needs and works to serve a diverse customer base in an inclusive manner. We, as a brand, are here to ease your journey toward self-love and acceptance. Highlighting how Cossouq caters to everyone irrespective of age, gender, sexuality, or race, this campaign emphasizes certain issues and taboos that people still face for being ‘different’. Many of them are told off whenever they venture into a different path with excuses, often starting and ending with ‘Samjha Kar’. This campaign plays a ‘UNO Reverse’ by turning the tables on the world. It asks them to understand once and for all that in this new age, these extraordinary people will not be backing down or shying away from showing off who they truly are and what they stand for,” said Meet Jatakia, Director of Branding & Marketing at Cossouq.

In line with the ideology of Cossouq, the thought-provoking video campaign #SamjhaKar will help nudge acceptance, inclusivity, and diversity ahead. Tied together with poetry, the film begins with the mention of equality and how it is often compromised. A powerful character in the film is the iconic drag queen Mark Mascarenhas themself, portraying the struggles they face and the recognition the world fails to give them. Fashion model, Aman Pal, who often challenges gender stereotypes, can also be spotted confronting society’s issues with queer love.

What people decide to do for a living is a big part of their self-identity. And this video is an ode to those who rebelled their way into the unconventional job of their dreams. From the real-life flair of female bartender & mixologist Ami Shroff to Dinesh Mohan, a 63-year-old man breaking the monotony & trying out for a casting call, the stories of these people are showcased through powerful narration. The campaign is star-studded with Diya Basu, who is seen questioning age-old beauty standards. An influencer embracing the grey, Geetarsh Kaur is seen playing a tattoo artist, symbolizing how a profession has very little to do with age and so much more to do with passion. Actress Margi Desai sensitively plays the role of a sex worker & portrays her hopes & dreams, while Harsh Acharya assumes the unconventional role of a DJ & music producer. Mariyam Hussain is a hijab-wearing stylist & fashion designer asking to be seen beyond her religion as an individual with a strong personality and so much potential. There is representation in this film, through which the audience will witness someone who lives a life similar to theirs.

Revolutionizing the industry, Cossouq is an inclusive marketplace hosting 350+ brands and 12000+ cosmetics, skin, hair, health, and personal care products on its site. It seeks to create a community where every individual is celebrated, and each brand is heard. The brand believes in breaking regressive and gendered notions of beauty & self-care and is doing so by serving all genders, ages, races, and body types, equally. With popular international brands, niche homegrown ones as well as affordable drugstore options, the site gives you numerous reasons to opt for conscious living and discover the best version of yourself.

About Cossouq: Established by the Founder & CEO, Parth Patel, Cossouq is an online marketplace that stands for new-age inclusivity, challenging irrational & unrealistic beauty standards. Housing 350+ brands from the cosmetics, skin, hair, health, & personal care industries, with 12000+ products, work towards making them accessible country-wide. Hosting top brands like Lakme, Neutrogena, Minimalist, Inglot, FacesCanada, and Vega, among other popular labels, Cossouq features a mix of brands catering to new-age beauty and skincare needs. With an inclusive approach to people of all ages, colors, gender, mindsets, or body types, customers are offered a pool of quality products at great prices & authentic brands get to reach a wider audience.

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