Covid-19 patients’ health data being disposed on dark web

●What is the news ?

•People who have been infected with the coronavirus are staring at a new kind of privacy breach, with their leaked health data being allegedly used by insurers and lenders to take a call on, say, their insurance premium, cyber security experts said.

•They have also warned against potential identity thefts as several Covid-19 patients’ Aadhaar details along with their blood reports, health history, and plasma infusion details are all now available on the dark web.

●Things to know more

•“Hackers are accessing data in bulk from hospitals and diagnostic centres. In some cases, they can just buy from them,” said Srinivas Kodalli, a researcher with free software movement of India, who has been tracking data breaches.

•Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has taken cognizance of the fact that the insurers are relying on leaked data to deny or block claims by policyholders, a person close to IRDAI told ET. “This practice is unethical and insurance companies should resist it.”

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