Covid Warriors-App from AIIMS Alumni Doctors

COVID-19 is ravaging the entire world, particularly our country right now. Everyday people are coming across the news of devastating shortage of ICU beds and specialized medical care. Our phones are full of videos of cremations and hospitals. Corona is a viral infection that has made the words like ‘pandemic’ and ‘CT-Scan’ a household name. This is also the time when most of the citizen groups and companies have come together to help those who need it, and we call such people as Corona Warriors.

Here, SwasthU, “a virtual hospital for your family” that provides you online consultation (telemedicine) with doctors right in the comfort your home. It is An Initiative by AIIMS Dr Alumni

SwasthU has a specialized team of physicians, surgeons and expert doctors. Trained in the world-renowned and medically-specialized colleges and hospitals, these healthcare professionals are world-class experts. They are here for you, available at your fingertips.

We have enrolled various & experienced Doctors from AIIMS & other reputed institute to serve the general public through teleconsultation.

Presently, SwasthU is providing free Covid consultation through its covid panel like viz-Physicians, Yoga Expert, Dentists and Oral & Maxillofacial speciality, ENT etc.

Not just consultation, SwasthU also has a list of healthcare articles as well as videos which, when you take a consultation after downloading the app from Google Play store, will be sent to your mobile & emailed to you. Based upon a number of healthcare topics that you must read in the times of pandemic, these articles have been written in an easy to understand language and are comprehensive and detailed.

We have covered topics like obesity, diabetes, mental health, high blood pressure, how to boost your immunity, how to take care of yourself during and after Corona, dental health, child care etc.

In these times of need, SwasthU implores you to be a Corona Warrior too and do what you can to help your family, neighbours and your country. The best help you can give right now is by staying indoors. If you have to go out, wear a mask and use alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Keep distance from others and don’t forget to register yourself for the COVID-19 Vaccination.

Dr Ankit Arora(from Moradbad,UP), Maxillofacial Surgeon and an alumnus of AIIMS New Delhi and Co founder of SwasthU said "our vision is to make whole healthcare ecosystem accessible at single platform by people without constraint of time, place and language"

Basically through SwasthU you can get online consultation, second opinion, follow up and health education. SwasthU app is not only providing modern healthcare facilities-like Medicine, Surgery, Dentistry but you can get fast moving traditional health facilities like Ayurvdic and Homeopathy too.

We often make some mistakes like- irregularities in diet, not taking child vaccination on time. Keeping in mind, such kind of mistakes, this app provides free modules for you viz Balance Diet Calculator, Vaccination Alarm and Period tracker modules to spread the awareness.

Mrs Khushbu Soni from Barmer, Rajasthan, another co-founder of this app said, "There are lot of misconception on Periods (menstruation cycle) amongst women, often they don't care of hygiene during periods. This app even take care of such issue and there is a special window called "Periods tracker" on this app.

Dr Babu Lal Soni, Maxillofacial Surgeon, an alumnus of AIIMS, Ideate and consultant of SwasthU said, "this app is not only a virtual Hospital, but we see it as a new revolution in Health Sector. In India, owing to large population and disproportionate distribution of healthcare services and Infrastructure. Some report suggests 74 percent of Doctors are in urban areas that service the 28 percent of the population, existing health could not meet all desired goal. He added, limited healthcare care awareness and education and current pandemic healthcare challenges is dire need of such platform. Hence, all these problems stimulates us to find the possible solution- SwasthU."

Dr Arora, further added that, comparative to other available such app in the market, SwasthU has some great USPs like, get all type of experts at single platform, and video consultation akin to in person consultation. Swasthu is considering as e-health school as it provides free education and awareness contents about one’s disease and health.

In future, SwasthU is coming with new modules leveraged with Artificial Intelligence and augmented reality technology.

Link of the app is

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