Coworking startup Awfis raised Rs 40 Cr Series D from existing investors

Co-working startup Awfis raised Rs 40 cr in Series D, in a mix of debt & equity from its existing investors Bisque Limited & Link Investment Trust, where Link Investment Trust putin Rs 60 lakh equity funding, Bisque Limited gave Rs 39.4 cr in debt

To date, Awfis has raised over $55 million in a mix of equity and debt financing rounds. 

Many of the co-working space providers- WeWork, Awfis, Smartworks, and Simpliwork among others have either shut down most of their offices across major cities, rest are operating from their partially open facilities

Due to lockdown, many customers not being able to pay rent of the co-working spaces due to loss of income & jobs, Awfis was also reportedly working with its landlords to seek a waiver on rentals.

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