CredR Launches Gold Standard: India’s First and Only Quality Benchmark for Used Two-wheelers

India’s Largest and Most Trusted Used Two-wheeler Brand, CredR, launches Gold Standard - India’s First and Only Quality Benchmark for Used Two-wheelers.

It may seem hard to believe that buying a used two-wheeler is just as safe as buying a new two-wheeler. But with the right amount of scrutiny, expertise and experience, you can save thousands off your next used two-wheeler purchase with almost zero risk. The Gold Standard range of used two-wheelers promises to eliminate the worries associated with buying a used two-wheeler, while taking care of any new risks that may have emerged in the era of coronavirus.

With a presence in over 10 cities, having transacted over 3 lakh two-wheelers and with deep experience of repairing over 5 lakh two-wheelers of all makes and models, CredR is India’s only used two-wheeler brand that offers fully refurbished used two-wheelers to its customers, through its omni channel presence, both online and across retail CredR Showrooms. With large scale, mechanised refurbishment centres, CredR possesses top quality refurbishment capabilities of all makes and models. Conducted by trained and experienced Auto-Experts, the refurbishment process is thorough and targets all aspects of a two-wheeler - external, internal, electrical, mechanical, engine and gearbox. All used two-wheelers available at CredR are Gold Standard certified.

‘Gold Standard’ is a mark of approval given by CredR on the basis of the quality of a used two-wheeler. All used two-wheelers have to go through a two-stage process to get ‘Gold Standard’ certified:

- Thorough refurbishment by trained auto experts

- Clear the inspection on 120+ quality checkpoints

As a policy, used two-wheelers that do not meet the quality benchmarks of ‘Gold Standard’ are rejected and not listed for sale on the brand’s platform. Once a used two-wheeler is approved, its detailed inspection report and images are made available on the CredR website.

The used two-wheeler industry in India is completely fragmented, unorganised and devoid of standardisation and trust. The common set of challenges that customers face are:

- Bad quality and unrefurbished two wheelers

- Poor and non standard customer service

- Non standard pricing

- No quality assurance/ counterfeit and tampered bike parts

- No warranty or post sales support

Owing to these factors, consumers are hesitant to purchase a used two-wheeler or prefer to buy from friends and family. Simply put, customers have no clue about the quality of these used two-wheelers and the dealers selling them take no responsibility to refurbish them or at least stand as guarantee for the quality. Unfortunately, even the consumer courts cannot help the customer as these transactions are done without any receipt or proof of purchase.

CredR’s Gold Standard addresses all these consumer challenges effectively. The merit of this certification lies in the thorough refurbishment process along with a stringent 120+ checkpoint inspection. Owing to these high quality standards, CredR two-wheelers come bundled with a host of benefits for today’s value-driven consumers:

- 6 Month Warranty on engine and gearbox

- 7 Days Buy Protect (valid for first 7 days post purchase to address any minor issues that arise)

- Assured Buyback within 12 months of purchase at a pre-committed value for the short-term user

- Contactless doorstep delivery of used two-wheelers

CredR’s ‘Gold Standard’ certification is here to create unquestionable trust in the minds of customers and enhance their experience of buying a used two-wheeler and make it equivalent to a new two-wheeler. With this initiative, CredR targets to organise the highly unorganised used two-wheeler market and make this the de facto quality mark for anyone who wishes to buy sell a used two-wheeler in India.

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