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Dairy technology solutions provider Stellapps raised an undisclosed amount from IDH FarmFit

End-to-end dairy technology solutions provider, Stellapps raised an undisclosed amount from IDH FarmFit. They have also entered into a partnership as a result of this investment.

A dairy technology company has been assisting farmers in increasing their net income by increasing productivity in the value chain, improving milk quality, and enabling trackability. The dairy technology firm is building a digital highway and access network to enable the delivery of value-added services such as credit, insurance, extension, agri-inputs, and so on. Women account for 83% of dairy farmers in India, and Stellapps is promoting female leadership throughout the dairy value chain as it expands its presence in the country. The Indian dairy industry is the largest in the world, accounting for 22% of global milk production. The Indian dairy and livestock sector is worth $ 225 billion and accounts for 7.6% of India's GDP.

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