Data of 25 Lakh Airtel users in J&K leaked after failed ransom attempt

In an alleged data breach, sensitive information of 25 lakh Airtel users was made public. While Airtel denied the data breach, some of the leaked phone numbers have been confirmed to be of active Airtel subscribers. The data was leaked by 'Red Rabbit' and included names, phone numbers, dates of birth, home addresses, Aadhaar and international mobile subscriber identity (IMSI) numbers.

According to cybersecurity researcher Rajshekhar Rajaharia, the hacker’s website, which contained the stolen data, went live sometime last month. The hacker claimed that this data of 25 lakh users was just a sample and has the data of Airtel subscribers from all over the country. He/She later threatened to make it public if the telco didn’t pay a ransom of around $3,500 worth in bitcoins.

“We confirm that there is no data breach at our end. In fact, the claims made by this group reveal glaring inaccuracies and a large proportion of the data records do not even belong to Airtel. We have already apprised the relevant authorities of the matter,” Airtel denies of data breach despite of proof.

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