Delhi-based Jeevam Health raised $150K from Y Combinator

Healthtech startup Jeevam Health, has raised $150,000 from Y Combinator in a pre-seed round. The startup aims to combine the latest technology with the ancient wisdom of using food-as-medicine to provide holistic care to people with chronic health issues.

"We are targeting the 200 million Indians suffering from chronic health conditions like autoimmune and metabolic issues," said Piyush, CEO of Jeevam Health. "Unlike conventional doctors, who prescribe medication to suppress or manage the symptoms, Jeevam doctors use nutritional biochemistry, advanced diagnostics, and digital tools to identify the root cause of patient disease and aim to cure the root cause."

The starup would utilize the fesh infusion of funds to create treatment protocols for complicated autoimmune conditions such as Hashimoto Thyroiditis, psoriasis, and multiple sclerosis. "The team is working to build the software stack to analyse thousands of biomarkers using functional medicine concepts and seek patterns in the patient's health conditions. The software will assist the functional medicine doctors in finding the root cause of diseases with less effort with an increasing number of handled cases," said Kamran, CTO of Jeevam.

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