Delhi HC adjourns WhiteHat Jr defamation hearing after Pradeep Poonia’s arguments

In the latest hearing for WhiteHat Jr’s defamation case against Pradeep Poonia, Poonia’s lawyer accused the company of concealing documents critical to the suit. But, the Delhi High Court bench adjourned the hearing to April 09, 2021 after hearing arguments from both sides.

Poonia's lawyer raised concerns over the gag order issued by Delhi HC in November 2020 and moved the court to vacate the order. She also argued that how WhiteHat Jr has been systematically populating its app’s listing on Google Play Store with fake positive reviews to boost its credibility along with taking down "misleading” ads.

Poonia's lawyer also sought copies of complaints filed by parents with the Department of Consumer Affairs, having allegedly multiple complaints of overcharging parents for online courses. Though she was opposed to submit all documents on record by Karan Bajaj's lawyer.

The court also declined to allow submission of the documents until the hearing reached the cross evidence examination stage. “As a company when we have submitted to the court process, we have faith in it and would not want to either comment on subjudice issues or give credence to any false and frivolous allegations,” a WhiteHat Jr spokesperson said.

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