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Delhi HC restrained Bengaluru-based cakery from using Facebook or Facecake

Delhi High Court permanently restraining a Bengaluru-based cakery from using the name ‘Facebake’ or ‘Facecake’, or any other Facebook-related trademark for its products & services. Justice Navin Chawla, ordered the bakery to deliver all finished & unfinished products bearing the trademark similar to Meta for the purpose of ‘erasure or destruction’. Court also awarded INR 50,000 in favour of Meta and also ordered the shop owner to shoulder the burden of the cost of Meta’s suit.

Delhi HC ruled in another trademark case, where Justice Pratibha M Singh observed that the Domain Name Registrars (DNRs) ought to create a mechanism via which trademark owners could approach the DNRs and seek cancellation or transfer of domain names that infringe their trademark. A case filed by Snapdeal against GoDaddy regarding various domain names that were registered on the DNR under the trademark ‘Snapdeal’.

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