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Delhivery acquires Transition Robotics Inc for drone delivery and operation IPs

IPO-bound Delhivery acquired California-based Transition Robotics, a startup developing Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) platforms. All of the acquired company's intellectual property registered in the United States, including those relating to aerial photography, remote sensing, inspection, and surveys, has been transferred to Delhivery.

Transition Robotics creates technologies for autopilot-assisted vertical take-off and landing (VTOL), flying wing aircraft, aerial photography, infrastructure inspection, surveys, and remote sensing, autopilot electronics, software design, and manufacturing. Its first product was the Quadshot, a type of hobbyist remote-controlled aircraft used for aerial photography and aerobatics.

Delhivery provides logistics services such as express parcel transportation, PTL and TL freight, cross-border, supply chain, and technology services through its nationwide network that covers over 17,000 pin codes. It claims to have fulfilled over one billion shipments since its inception and currently works with over 21,000 customers. The 10-year-old company's main source of revenue is e-commerce deliveries, but it has recently begun to expand into the B2B market as well.

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