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DhanuX wins ‘Best Crypto Startup Exchange’ in Dubai

Multi-utility crypto exchange platform, DhanuX won the award for 'The Best Crypto Startup Exchange' at the Dubai Crypto Expo. On March 5, 2022, the cryptocurrency exchange was launched in Dubai.

DhanuX aspires to be more than just a simple crypto exchange, but rather a multi-utility platform that can be used to transact in crypto for a variety of services. DhanuX shared their vision, mission, and future of blockchain in their keynote address at the expo, saying, "Dhanu's vision is to bring changes for environment, society, and governance using blockchain technology, and Dhanu's team is already working on various blockchain based projects in multiple fields like human life cycle tracking which would track education to professional details of a human right from birth to old age, agriculture which would track the process from farm.

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