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Dhurina, a Rapidly Growing Ed-Tech Start-up Introduces Spoken English Course for Bharat Population

New Delhi, 5 April 2022: The rapidly expanding E-learning platform, Dhurina which is working to provide affordable courses for the Bharat population has launched spoken English courses for the rural markets. This is 25 days course which will includes, “subjects like Basic introduction of Pronounciation, Sentence Structure, Articles, Verbs, Tense, Adjectives, Nouns, Basic Manners and Ettiquettes in English, Daily Life Vocabulary, Errors in English language, Passive Voice, Cleft Sentences, Daily Life Idioms & Phrases, Advanced Level Sentence Starters & Connector, Tips to get Pro in English” are offered online to the students. This course will benefit the students from the Bharat population who struggles on a daily basis in speaking English. This will help in communication with others and increase the prospects of employment with ample opportunities.

According to a few reports, English is the 3rd most spoken language, around 20% of the world’s population speaks English and this is not a hidden truth that Indian minds are part of the best jobs, research and almost in every field around the world. English is spoken across India and pronunciation can be improved with the help of online spoken English classes or video lessons.

Commenting on this initiative, Sachin Sardana Co-Founder, Dhurina said, "One of the major problems faced by students in rural areas is the lack of English medium schools beyond the elementary level in these locations. As a result, after getting an education in the English medium, a large proportion of students are forced to opt for the vernacular medium.”

He further added that with internet penetration and post-pandemic, the opening of online learning is becoming a reality. Thus, Dhurina is offering an online speaking English course at an affordable cost of Rs 499/-. We are aiming to reach out to government schools across the towns & smaller cities in India.

About Dhurina

Dhurina, an ed-tech start-up was conceptualised and founded in June 2019 by four friends and promoters Sachin Sardana, Ajay Kumar, Murari Singh, and Sanjay Singh. The e-Learning platform aimed especially for the tier 2 and tier 3 cities, suburbs and rural hubs, to provide quality education services to the aspirants from these emerging neighbourhoods.

Dhurina primarily provides online guidance, classes and materials for state, regional and central level competitive examinations. While the aim is to bestow quality education for students across the nation, it has started its journey with the towns and outskirts of cities, as the founders feel that these are neglected areas. Special care is also taken about teaching specially-aided students.

Essentially a mobile application, the enterprise offers online learning courses on the handheld devices for various state level and central level competitive exams and

skill-development courses by the state-experts and from the best educators of the

country. With the established digital platform, business knowhow and in-depth knowledge about the curriculum along with the demands of competitive examinations, Dhurina hopes to bridge the learning gap between Bharat and India.

The founders of Dhurina believes that India being a huge country, talent can be found in the deepest corner of the villages but needs to be scouted and prepared as the next human resource of the country. Thus Dhurina is positioned to address the vulnerabilities of the current education system in the remote areas such as lack of availability of quality content and training mechanism, through the e-learning platform.

Headquartered in Fatehabad, Haryana, Dhurina is currently also operating with

Rajasthan, Bihar, Delhi, Haryana, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir.

Dhurina has an edge over similar ed-tech platforms as the founders of the start-up are well-versed about the challenges in remote areas, having faced those themselves. The experience has served as a catalyst for the new-age education platform towards delivering affordable, high quality learning and best technical infrastructure to worthy aspirants.

With a team of 200 plus highly qualified educators and experts across the country

having more than 10 years of teaching experience and studios and set ups in various

locations, Dhurina has been contributory in imparting quality education to more than 15 lakh students from across the country.

Along with online education we also provide offline options to students such as Gurukuls such as the Dhurina Gurukul in Rajasthan and various libraries in different locations, in Haryana itself, thus inculcating the much needed habit of reading and studying beyond examinations and offering overall growth to students.

The platform has raised 1.2 Mn USD in its Pre-Series (a round of funding) concluded at the end of 2021. Around 10,000 selections in the year of 2021 and over two million

downloads in approximately two years and now we have total downloads of over 3.5


Towards providing sustainable development, Dhurina has also taken steps to provide students with books, mock tests, doubt clearing sessions and notes. They have collaborated with partners like RBD publications to make the outreach viable in long term. As rural market and tier II cities need earning oriented courses, so the start-up also provides skill courses for Spoken English and Microsoft Excel for its students along with personality development courses.

The all-round development perspective of Dhurina is expected to bring about expectation changes for rural students and inculcate professional behaviour to job aspirants, in addition to the coaching for subject matters. Dedicated towards building the bridge between modern and rural India, Dhurina looks to expand India’s horizon of development.

Sachin Sardana, COO and Co- Founder of Dhurina

Sachin Sardana, COO and Co-Founder of Dhurina, has been an IT expert right from commencement from his career. Following his dream to create a sustainable and accessible digital platform for education for second and third tier cities and rural areas, he founded Dhurina, with his friends.

The e-learning platform of Dhurina, established in 2019 has the technology platform established by Sachin, who is at the helm of the technical services of the start-up. As a tech-savvy person, Sachin has an inclination towards building products that hold high value and fixing system related loopholes. From IT services venture to product building, his expertise span across Ed-Tech and IT domains.

Sachin began his technical journey in the Java domain in the IT sector. And later he started an IT solution company in 2014, Delaine Technologies Pvt Limited, where he still serves as the CEO. Delaine Technologies Pvt. Ltd. offers complete IT solution to clients including concept, design, development, incorporation, and implementation. Sachin has effectively used his expertise to lead Dhurina, as one of the most sought after e-education platform.

Sachin’s previous stints, encompassing every sector in IT, includes working with MobileGoo as a Co-Founding member and Advisor, Hello topper as a strategy officer and as a Software Engineer DIP Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd. With professional knowledge on IT and related technological advents, Sachin has contributed towards building products that hold high value and helps in fixing system related issues. Well versed in various IT domains, Sachin is the backbone of the tech startup.

He graduated from Kurukshetra University specialisation in Computer Science. He also has Diploma in Computer Engineering from Government Polytechnic College. Currently his focus is fully on making Dhurina a success.

Ajay Kumar Rathore, Co-founder and CEO, Dhurina

Ajay Kumar Rathore is a visionary in the field of education whose dream of making education available and accessible to masses, led him to start Dhurina, an e-learning platform.

Given his profound knowledge on competitive examinations and the processes followed for Banking and state level examinations, Ajay felt that he can add value for the aspiring students from Tier 2 and Tier 3 suburbs and rural areas in their preparations to appear in the exams.

Ajay founded Dhurina, the e-Learning platform for state, regional and central level competitive exams in 2019 with friends as partners with an aim to provide quality content and subject coaching to aspirants residing in rural and tier 3 cities.

In his previous stints, Ajay had gained in-depth knowledge of the Banking sector and

various Government job sections. Also, given his previous post as a P.O. in the State Bank of India, where he also served as the co-Founding member of the Exam Block where his key responsibility was to provide offline study material to students, he has gained in-depth knowledge on the success possibilities in these examinations.

According to Ajay, his motivation to conceptualise and initiate Dhurina comes from his own experience in student days. As quality material and content was lacking, especially in the era of complete offline studies, it was difficult to get access to quality teachers and instructors, he felt that good resources should be available to all aspirant students and not only to city dwellers. Thus, in Dhurina, not only regular courses, offline and online materials are made available to the students at accessible prices, assistance and guidance is also offered to whoever might need it.

The online platform of Dhurina has already achieved a milestone of one million+ download on the Google Play Store, proving the requirement of quality education in the tier 2 and tier 3 cities. Dhurina has not only successfully been able to help thousands of students with their toughest preparations in the easiest and interesting ways, but also have been able to get the best educators in India to teach the aspiring students, irrespective of geographical location.

Ajay is a Science graduate and Masters in Computer Science from Kurukshetra University.

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