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Doubling down on democratizingbusiness development efforts for SMEs,Powerlinx launches iOS &

As the impact of the pandemic has proven harder for small and medium businesses,

calls for innovation across the entire business ecosystem are becoming a necessity, not

a choice. Dubbed the first global Business-meets-Business (BmB) platform, Powerlinx

has launched its new app for iOS and Android devices. With an enhanced user

experience and more advanced global business data fueling the platform, Powerlinx is

doubling down on its efforts to connect businesses around the world to proactively

identify opportunities for growth.

More to know

Since 2012, POWERLINX is the first global Business meets Business (BmB) matching

app. Its mission is to make the process of searching for the most relevant business

opportunities and partnerships fast and easy, so only the best matches appear.

POWERLINX helps members find new suppliers, expand product lines, reach new

markets, look for funding, and even sell their business.

POWERLINX: The Business Opportunity App

For more information or to inquire about Powerlinx, please


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