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Drivers' bags will include a phone number where the public can report speeding executives: Zomato

Deepinder Goyal, CEO of Zomato, announced at the startup's first annual general meeting (AGM) that the startup will display phone numbers on the bags of delivery executives to allow users to report them if they are caught speeding.

In response to shareholder concerns, Deepinder stated that Zomato does not incentivize dangerous driving, and that anyone speeding is doing so on their own volition. "The safety of delivery partners has always been a top priority, and no compromises have been or will be made here." We do not reward riders for arriving on time. "We don't even tell the delivery partner the estimated time," Goyal added. At the AGM, 41 shareholders registered to speak, with ten of them grilling Zomato executives on a variety of topics.

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