Droom’s Sandeep Aggarwal family office crosses over INR 25 Crore as an angel investor

With the sole intent to empower and guide the budding entrepreneurs and startups, Droom’s Sandeep Aggarwal family office has crossed the investment milestone of INR 25 Crore as an angel investor with the latest investments in various National and International companies such as the US-based Venture Capital firm - Lionbird, India based full-stack cloud garage startup - Fixcraft, India’s leading B2B eCommerce player in the aftermarket tyre vertical - Tyreplex, Media and content company - TSB Media Ventures, and World’s first commercially attractive, DNA-based data storage solution - Iridia.

Sandeep Aggarwal family office was set up by Sandeep Aggarwal in 2016 with a vision to give a boost to entrepreneurship and startups and provide support and guidance to the global online & e-commerce industry. Sandeep Aggarwal’s family office has made multiple strategic investments in startups across sectors such as auto services, financial services, healthcare, and technology platforms.

Commenting on the investment milestone, Sandeep Aggarwal, Droom said, “When I came to India in 2011, India had less than 200 startups, a handful of VCs and angel investors, and value of all public and private companies was less than 3 billion. I believe India will create $500 Billion in new wealth by 2025 and $1 trillion by 2030 from the startup revolution. More than wealth creation, the amount of job creation, social transformation, and helping India to reclaim its old glory will be second to none. I feel happy and blessed to be a part of this great revolution as a two times founder and teaming up with dozens of exceptional young entrepreneurs.”

Sandeep has been encouraging young entrepreneurs and their ideas for the past couple of years through regular mentorship and multiple investments as an angel investor and venture capitalist. Even during the pandemic-induced lockdowns, Sandeep has been consistently investing in startups to promote the global economy and drive growth in the industry. Sandeep has also been a catalyst to the growth of the startup ecosystem by judging various startup-focused reality shows such as MTV Dropout and offering keynote speeches in multiple top IIT institutes and B-Schools. The entire investments that Sandeep makes are through his personal wealth that he has accumulated over the course of his career abroad as a two times Entrepreneur and investment professional.

In 2016, Sandeep invested close to 4 crores in more than seven early-stage firms in India and overseas such as California based firms Giveclub and Dataguise, Malaysia based - Duriana, Indonesia based - Dekoruma, and India based - Wittyfeed, Clan Connect, Wydr, Curo healthcare, and Shopsity, to name a few.

Speaking of investments, Droom has recently invested in the following startups:

TSB Media Venture - In an age when every media and content company is moving behind the paywall, TSB Media Venture wishes to make paying for content easy and frictionless. Understanding the value of content when it is shared, discovered, and of course, paid for, TSB specializes in brand-building programs, advertising, graphic design, event management, and business survey.

Lionbird - LionBird is a Tel Aviv- and Chicago-based venture capital firm investing in early-stage software companies operating in the healthcare, commerce, and enterprise sectors. Founded in 2012, LionBird has developed an investment strategy around early-stage startups that leverages online technology to re-imagine traditional offline business processes and models.

Fixcraft - A full-stack cloud garage startup, repairs and maintains your vehicle in a 21st century transparent, trustworthy, and convenient way. The key value propositions from Fixcraft are quality at a fair price and convenience by the means of using best-in-class material in the work, handpicked well-trained technicians, upfront and fixed pricing and doorstep pick and drop.

Tyreplex - India’s leading B2B eCommerce player in the aftermarket tyre vertical, Tyreplex is building a unique blend of online and offline business; aggregating demand online via their website and servicing the customers through a vast network of partner stores within 24 hours of placing an order.

Iridia - The startup is the world’s first commercially attractive, DNA-based data storage solution. By combining DNA polymer synthesis technology, electronic nano-switches, and semiconductor fabrication technologies, Iridia is developing a highly parallel format to enable an array of nanomodules with the potential to store data at an exceptionally high density.

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