Dunzo to deliver medicines via drones in Telangana

What's the news?

Hyperlocal startup Dunzo has announced that it will be launching a pilot programme to use drones to deliver medicines in Telangana.In a press statement, the company stated that it is leading a Med-Air consortium, along with industry experts to conduct experimental BVLOS (Below Visual Line of Sight) drone delivery flights for the 'Medicine from the Sky Project'. The project aims to serve different districts in the state of Telangana for medical supplies.

More to know

The government has partnered with the World Economic Forum, NITI Aayog, and HealthNet Global for ‘Medicine from the Sky’ project, with the support of leaders in medicine, technology, and research. The company added that this much-needed initiative will also ensure that the delivery of essentials like vaccines and medicines continues to be supported while dealing with infrastructural challenges and lockdowns.

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