E-commerce marketing startup RetainIQ raised $2.3 Mn in funds led by Accel partners

E-commerce marketing startup RetainIQ raised $2.3 million in funds led by venture capital firm Accel Partners where VC firm Hauz Khas Ventures, London-based private equity firm Creator Collective Capital, Unicommerce founders Ankit Pruthi, Karun Singla, and Vibhu Garg, Upgrad co-founder Mayank Kumar, Ally.io founder Vetri Vellore, Brightchamps founder Ravi Bhushan Kumar, and Gromo founder Ankit Khandelwal, among others also participated.

RetainIQ is a software platform that helps e-commerce stores and brands all over the world convert and retain customers through communication automation via email, Whatsapp, SMS, push, and on-site. The funds will be used to rapidly scale the company's operations, accelerate product development, and expand its core teams in engineering, product, sales, marketing, and operations.

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