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Early cancer-detection startup Epigeneres Biotech raised $6 million from Kotak Investment Advisors

Mumbai-based Epigeneres Biotech, which works as an exclusive licensee in India of Singapore-based Tzar Labs raised $6 million in Series B from Kotak Investment Advisors, Moez Daya (of Satya Capital), and LetsVenture Angel Fund., where Ashish Kacholia, East River Advisors, One Decacorn, Nandita Advisors, and Chockalingam Valliappa also participated

Epigeneres Biotech which was founded in 2012, is a biotechnology startup that discovers, develops, manufactures and commercialises molecular medicines and nutrigenomic formulations for the treatment and prevention of serious medical conditions including cancer, and ageing-related diseases.

The startup said it has also co-developed a cancer prognostic and diagnostic technology with Singapore-based Tzar Labs, and is getting ready to launch this service in India soon.

In May 2021, Epigeneres Biotech announced its early detection cancer test (co-developed with Tzar Labs, Singapore-a specialised molecular diagnostic company), with a pioneering breakthrough in RNA bio-markers technology– a technology that can even detect cancer in stage zero (i.e., before tumour formation).

According to the startup, with initial approvals in place, the latest round of investment will go towards expanding its lab facilities, scaling operations, and development of an AI platform to launch the service in India–which the startup claims to be a world first. Other plans include continuing to bring the best diagnostic technology to patients and providers, said the startup.

Speaking on the funding, Nitin Deshmukh, senior advisor of Kotak Investment Advisors said, “The ability to detect cancer through a simple blood test at stage zero, can be a major breakthrough that can change the way cancer diagnosis is approached. We see this as an excellent opportunity to partner in the pioneering growth story of a home-grown Indian company, that is innovating diagnostic technologies in Oncology”

Ashish Tripathi, founder & chairman, Epigeneres said, “We have received very positive feedback from the market and with the help of our investors and the government, we will soon begin to commercialise the cancer test; first in India, and then at a global level.”

Detect imminent cancer earlier than any currently available technology, with very high specificity (99.9%+). It can detect the type of cancer, and which part of the body it is growing in, from a blood test prior to tumour formation.

Provide the first prognosis for cancer. It is a common test for all types of cancers; not only can it detect from a blood test that the person does not have cancer, it can also rule out cancer for the next year.

Can do an RNA mutation analysis for any organ in the body from a blood test: It involves invasive organ biopsies to study mutations and gene expressions will no longer be required, and mutation readings will be provided from a simple blood test.

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