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EazyERP Technologies announces merger with Recibo Technologies

EazyERP Technologies, one of the top three companies in Enterprise Risk Management (ERP) and Distribution Management System (DMS) has merged with Recibo Technologies to expand into the Sales Force Automation (SFA) by providing inclusive ERP-DMS-SFA solutions to its customers. This merger will open ways to a wider market to both the parties and will help capture a greater share in the market with a combined revenue of Rs. 200 Crore by year 2024 with an EBITDA margin of 40%.

EazyERP is providing a wide array of solutions like ERP, DMS,SFA,Payroll, Asset Management,CRM and Customised Solutions across various industries. Recibo is an omnichannel platform providing Sales Force Automation, B2B ecommerce,Distribution Management & Retail Execution solution for Brands & Wholesale Distributors. FundTQ acted as an exclusive advisor for this Merger of Eazy ERP and Recibo Technologies.

“EazyERP Technologies is one of the top 3 DMS companies and coming together with Recibo Technologies is a great opportunity for both of them in terms of providing end to end solutions to large enterprise clients. With the use of proprietary FundTQ, it became convenient to find the right partner out of the 45+ potential target companies” said Aanchal Malhotra, Growth Partner at FundTQ.

FundTQ is a one-of-a-kind digital funding assistance platform; Mergers and Acquisitions and Cross Border Deals, including features like Instant Valuation and Connect with Right Investors. Through their AI based software, FundTQ helps startups value their startups and find most relevant investors in a span of minutes. Currently, FundTQ is being used by 1,000+ startups and 3,000+ investors globally.

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