Ecommerce spends surpass pre-COVID levels post lockdown says CRED report

Ecommerce spends surpassed pre-COVID-19 levels after the lockdown across Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru as more individuals opted to shop online for their discretionary and non-discretionary spends, according to a report by credit card bill payment platform, CRED.

The report is based on an analysis of credit card spending patterns of over three million members across the three cities. The data has taken February 2020 spending as a baseline and compared it to spends in subsequent months under which the lockdown and unlock time periods fell.

"Ecommerce spends surpassed pre-COVID-19 levels post the lockdown across all three cities. Delhi spend grew to 135 percent, while Mumbai was at 133 percent, and Bengaluru at 124 percent," CRED said.

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