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Edtech giant Unacademy suspended the contracts of its educators for six months

Edtech giant Unacademy suspended the contracts of its NEET and JEE doubt-solving educators for six months as a part of its cost cutting strategy.

Unacademy terminated the contracts with no notice period on July 31. The number of contractors impacted by the relocation is unknown. On Sunday (July 31), both sets of educators (IIT-JEE and NEET) received emails informing them that their services would be terminated for a minimum of six months - that is, Unacademy would not use or pay these educators during the six-month period. According to the report, a six-month suspension is equivalent to being kicked out of the Unacademy programme. Unacademy told these educators that it will make some strategic changes that will reduce the need for a question-answering platform. "As a result, we have decided to temporarily suspend all deliverables related to doubt solutions as specified in your content provider agreement," according to the email.

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