Edtech Startup for ‘Bharat’ students - Vidyakul expands to 10 state boards

India’s first vernacular e-learning platform Vidyakul expands its operations to 10 state boards enabling students from Tier 2, 3 & 4 cities to adapt online education in native languages, curated by locally renowned educators associated with them. The startup is currently helping more than 1 Million students and plans to scale up to over 5 million students in 10 boards with its 1000+ course offerings over the year.

So far, Vidyakul has registered 1 MN learners on its platform with the help of its 505 courses and video lectures spanning around 50,000 hours of content shared by more than 50 educators of Vidyakul. So far they have conducted 27,000+ live classes in a batch of 30 since they launched.

India is one of the worst affected countries from Covid - 19 and the education system of India suffered the most due to unavailability of resources among students and rural Bharat students were the worst affected among all. Vidyakul, an online school for rural students has played a very crucial role of a launchpad for students in the Tier 2 and beyond cities to get access to vernacular online education with the help of local educators associated with them. With the latest success in adoption of vernacular education among students. Vidyakul is planning to expand in 10 state boards with its new courses aimed to touch over 5 Million students across India. Also, the startup makes 90% of its educational content free to use for students so they prepare better for the next term exams in the absence of resources.

Tarun Saini Co-Founder and CEO commented “ Vidyakul, online school for Bharat is designed to help state board students to provide them educational content in their regional language and we are happy to see students benefit from our educators’ teaching. We’ll try to continue the same spree and help every student in achieving their dream without any language barrier“

Vidyakul is the online school for Bharat students aiming to bridge the gap between the state board students and English focussed E-Learning by providing the educational content in their regional languages and operates 11 offline studios in Delhi, Kota, Patna, Gujarat, UP and Raigarh from the educators are delivering free of cost live classes to students so they prepare better for their studies.

Founded in 2018, Vidyakul - India’s first vernacular e-learning platform that helps state board students to learn academics via live lectures and pre-recorded courses from the most prominent trusted local teachers. We are currently offering courses from Class 9th- 12th in Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, and Hinglish

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