Edtech startup Lancify raises $300K from Techstars, Under 25, others

EdTech startup Lancify has raised $300K geting backed up from Techstars, Under 25, former Babajob executive Vir Kashyap, Hari TN, Head of HR at BigBasket; Brennan Loh, Executive at Shopify; Krish Ramachandran, Executive at Freshworks; Anil Advani, Founder at Inventus Law; and Ravi and Deepa Joshi, Founders of Keystone Logic.

Launching its edtech vertical Lancify Learn helps in teaching young people new-age skills related to trending SaaS tools, equipping them to take on freelance work. The company said that each course is crafted to be binge-worthy which is also insightful and deep enough for anyone to become an expert within a month. The vertical currenty essential courses such as digital marketing, design, analytics, and others and will add 10 courses in 2021 while growing its network of highly upskilled youth.

“You know something is wrong when a Marketing student hasn’t heard of Hubspot until the first day on the job. The good news is, education is being democratised. And this is happening because employers all over the world are beginning to value actual skills more than degrees and certificates. This is where the opportunity for true innovation in edtech lies, and we’re super excited to be at the forefront of it." said Gowtham Sundaresan, Co-founder and CEO of Lancify.

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