Elon Musk: Robot, aimed for 2023, will be worth more than Tesla’s car business

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, claims that the company's robot, Optimus, will be "worth more than the car business, worth more than FSD."

FSD, or "full self-driving," is Tesla's advanced driver assistance system that performs some autonomous driving tasks using cameras and computer vision technology. A Tesla FSD subscription costs around $12,000, or up to $199 per month. During the company's first-quarter 2022 earnings call, the executive stated that Tesla is still working on its robot. Optimus first appeared in August 2021, at Tesla's inaugural AI Day. The 5'8" robot will rely on Tesla's neural network research and the Dojo advanced supercomputer, and Musk envisions it performing tasks that would otherwise be considered human drudgery, such as grocery shopping and other mundane tasks.

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