Elon Musk sets new record, gains $25.1 B in one day

Tesla CEO Elon Musk made $25.1 billion in one day, setting a new record, facilitated by the 20% hike in Tesla Inc.'s share price - the biggest in more than a year.

The business magnate and SpaceX founder is now the second-richest man in the world, right after Amazon's Jeff Bezos.

According to Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Bill Gates gained $666 million, taking his fortune to $137 billion. French billionaire and Chief Executive of LVMH, Bernard Arnault, ($119 billion) gained $1. 68 billion, and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg ($101 billion) made $3.84 billion. India's Mukhesh Ambani gained $669 million, and is now worth $85 billion.

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