Enforcement Directorate seizes INR 12.8 crore in bitcoins from a money-laundering gaming app

The Enforcement Directorate seized Bitcoins worth INR 12.83 crore as part of a money laundering investigation involving the gaming app E-nuggets.

The ED said in a statement that the investigation into the case began with a FIR filed in February 2021 against accused Aamir Khan at Park Street Police Station in Kolkata. The FIR was filed in response to a complaint filed by Federal Bank officials. The agency claimed Khan created the app to defraud the public. It was explained that after collecting a significant amount of money from the public, the gaming app would abruptly stop withdrawing money on some pretext. Later, the app server's data was completely erased. The ED investigation also revealed that the accused was transferring a portion of the money illegally earned through the E-Nuggets to other countries via cryptocurrency exchanges, according to the agency.

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