EV maker Polestar CEO says "Electric cars are not clean.”

Last month, on World EV day, Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath issued a statement that began with this line: “Electric cars are not clean.” This seems a very odd statement to make since EVs are always marketed as a “clean” alternative to conventional cars.

But the truth is a little more complicated. Electric vehicles do offer a route to climate neutrality, but it takes more than just buying an EV to “go green.” The trouble is that car manufacturers have not been clear about the environmental impact of their products.

Families bought diesel cars because they wanted to help protect the environment, they were lied to. Now that people in New Delhi are seeing clear skies and breathing clean air in parks, more and more people are reminded of electric cars.

Now is a crucial time for the EV industry to be honest about their product and be transparent about the climate impact of their vehicles.

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