EvenArena, an inclusion and diversity solutionprovider from the UK, Joins FasterCapital!

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Even Arena is focused on enhanced workplaces within the framework of inclusive excellence. The company focuses on promoting diversity and inclusion at workplaces. The broader focus areas include Go Green, Work-Life Balance, Work Culture, Career Growth, Gender Diversity, Performance Management, Leadership, Covid. The global focus of management teams in the areas of digital transformation, financial acumen, analytics is also enhanced with the content on AI or the Internet of Things and a broader Data Science approach.

The website has an integrated review and analytics dashboard. Hence it has a project developed and ready to implement in any partnering organization. For example, an employee base of 100 can know about the focus areas and review their company. This rating with regards to the industry will enable the management team to identify the areas of Diversity and Inclusion to focus on for projects. Hence the projects can be implemented in the focus areas, which will require technological development to implement various strategies.

The startup is founded in the UK by Raja Rajan Vasu and is planning to raise about $400K.

FasterCapital supports businesses in Edutech, FoodTech, HealthTech, FinTech, Media, Entertainment, and many other industries.

Learn more about FasterCapital by visiting the website https://www.fastercapital.com/

Mr. Hesham Zreik, CEO of FasterCapital, commented on this partnership, "Our team is glad to be working with Mr. Raja and we will work on matching Even Arena with the right fuding sources as well as offer technical and business support."

Are you interested in investing in EvenArena? Please feel free to reach out to the founder Raja Rajan.

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