Facebook ads bans signal as it tries to highlight how Facebook collects data from users

Facebook had immediately blocked Signal’s advertising account after the messaging app tried to run an ad campaign to show Instagram users how Facebook collects data from them.

Signal posted a series of ads on Instagram to depict how Facebook collects information from users and then displays ads on the basis of that. Signal through the ads informed users that Facebook and its photo-sharing platform Instagram uses its own ad tech tools to gather information from users. The platform alleged that the Facebook-owned platforms collect everything they can to sell visibility into people and their lives.

Signal in a blogpost revealed that Facebook had rejected the ads that Signal tried to buy on Instagram. “We created a multi-variant targeted ad designed to show you the personal data that Facebook collects about you and sells access to. The ad would simply display some information collected about the viewer which the advertising platform uses. Facebook was not into that idea.”

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