Facebook agrees to pay French publishers for 'news reuse'

Facebook has reached a multiyear agreement to pay French publishers for resharing their content on its platforms, it is said that the licensing agreement with the Alliance of national and regional newspapers “means that people on Facebook will be able to continue uploading and sharing news stories freely amongst their communities, whilst also ensuring that the copyright of our publishing partners is protected', though it declined to specify how much it’s paying for the arrangement

The blog post also specifies that it will be investing “at least” a billion dollars to support media companies over the next three years however that’s a collective pot not a France-only pot. So who is getting what exactly and where remains unclear.

France has been at the forefront of transposing the EU’s digital copyright reform into national law but the amended rules are set to apply across the bloc so adtech giants like Facebook will need to strike multiple deals to cover the region. Hence that “at least” $1 billion pot.

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