Facebook has started showing pop-ups inside its ios apps

● What is the news ?

▪︎ Facebook is adding a popup within its iOS app to urge users to allow tracking because that “helps keep Facebook free of charge.”

▪︎The new popup windows emerge randomly inside the Facebook and Instagram apps on the iPhone. And among everything they tell their users, one important aspect is that Facebook is reminding them that they do not pay any fee or charge to access the social media platform.

● Why is it into the news ?

▪︎Facebook is continuing its campaign against Apple’s iOS 14 privacy updates, adding a notice within its iOS app telling users the information it collects from other apps and websites can “help keep Facebook free of charge.” A similar message was seen on Instagram’s iOS app.

▪︎However, when Technology researcher Ashkan Soltani first noted the new pop-up notices (in his tweet) , Facebook is calling these popup notices “educational screens” that tend to provide its users with more details on how the company and its apps (such as Instagram) use data for personalised ads. 

● Things to know more

Facebook has been a vocal critic of Apple’s iOS 14 privacy updates, arguing that the privacy changes could hurt small businesses which may rely on Facebook’s ad network to reach customers. In statements to the press and in newspaper ads, Facebook has said Apple is encouraging new business models for apps so they rely less on advertising and more on subscriptions, which would potentially give Apple a cut.

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