Facebook India Responds To Allegations, Says It’s Open, Transparent & Non-Partisan

Facebook, on August 21, maintained that it is an “open, transparent and non-partisan platform where people can express themselves freely,” while responding to recent allegations that the platform was willingly allowing Indian politicians of the ruling party to indulge in hate speech. 

Ajit Mohan, vice president and managing director of Facebook India, wrote in a blog post that the platform was committed to its ‘Community Standards’ which are constantly evolving and “prohibit attacks on people on the basis of protected characteristics, including religion, ethnicity, caste and national origin.”

Responding to allegations about the platform not removing hateful content from public figures, Mohan reiterated in his blog post that there is no place for hate speech for the platform, adding that the Community Standards and policies around hate speech are enforced without any regard to a person’s political position or affiliation. 

“Individuals who are designated as “dangerous” under our policies are removed from our services altogether, and all praise, support and representation of them is taken down, as well. Because the penalty associated with designation is so severe, it’s important that our analysis is comprehensive and detailed, and that our process applies consistently and fairly around the world,” Mohan wrote. 

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