Facebook's adding multiplayer AR to video calls in Messenger and Instagram

What's the news?

Facebook has announced the next stage of its AR development options, with a new Multipeer API for digital effects, which will enable developers to build multi-participant AR experiences, which could have a range of implications. The new Multipeer process will facilitate AR effects that can be shared in video calls, among several participants at one time.

More to know

The development could facilitate a range of new opportunities for brands, in building participatory AR experiences that could enhance customer connection, and boost engagement with your digital offerings. The process could also provide new educational experiences, with in-built walkthroughs to help guide customers on processes, or enhanced Q and A sessions, as well as fun, celebratory effects to boost branding.In addition to this, Facebook is also developing full-body tracking for AR, similar to Snapchat's full-body scan capacity.

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