Facebook sues developers who violated terms to collect user data, sell fake ‘likes’

Facebook  announced  it’s suing multiple developers in the U.S. and, i U.K., for violations of its policies. In the U.K., both Facebook Inc. and Facebook Ireland are suing MobiBurn, parent company OakSmart Technologies and its founder Fatih Haltas, in the High Court of Justice for failing to comply with Facebook’s audit request,

Facebook has been cracking down on malicious developers following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which saw the personal data of 87 mn Facebook users compromised. Since then, Facebook introduced more protections over how app developers could access data, as well as punitive actions.

According to Facebook’s announcement, MobiBurn failed to “fully comply” with Facebook’s audit request, where it was attempting to investigate the company’s use of a malicious Software Development Kit (SDK) to harvest user data.

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