FinMin Sitharaman invites feedback from startups on taxing ESOPs

In her first post-budget interaction with startups at Niti Aayog on Friday, Sitharaman said, “I thought we were coming back to you all to say that we have done this. You asked for it and we have done it. Now, (you say it’s) not good enough. Please define it yourselves on ESOPs. What is it? Is it a perk, is it a salary, is it to be taxed on day one, is it to be never taxed?”.

“Please make up your mind and tell me for once, I want to deal with a positive and open mind,” she added.

FM also informed that she will meet Mohandas Pai, a former member of the board of directors at Infosys Technologies and now a well-known investor, in regard to the ESOPs issue.

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