Fomo Lab launched new NFT product $FOMO token

Fomo Lab, a leading metaverse architect, has announced the launch of the $FOMO token, a new NFT product that is now live on the Ethereum main net.

Users on the Avenue NFT marketplace can use the $FOMO token to buy, sell, and list digital assets. According to the company, it can also be used as a core fee token associated with listing and trading assets on the market ecosystem rewards such as P2E rewards, Loot Boxes, and Airdrops. According to the company, the new token can be used to transact and earn rewards within the FomoVERSE, including the MetaGALLERY and the Play and Earn Battlechain game. The NFT community can purchase $FOMO tokens on Fomo Lab's partner launch pad IDO platforms, GamiFi and GemPad, as well as on the Fomo Lab website.

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