Google stops third-party browsers using tools created for Chrome

There are numerous web browsers based on the same Chromium engine as Google Chrome, with the most recent addition to the family being Microsoft Edge. The open source engine allows developers to create web browsers that share the same core and numerous features, but Google is clamping down on things.

The company is concerned that third parties have been able to tap into browser features it created for Chrome, including Chrome Sync and Click to Call & this is why Google is taking steps by restricting access to key APIs. These changes are coming in a couple of months' time, on March 15, 2021.

Google says that even when API access is restricted in March, any data that has been shared via a Google feature accessed from a third party browser will still be available through a Google account. This means no data will be lost, and also that it can be views and downloaded through the My Google Activity page and Google Takeout.

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