Google Tasks is integrating Assistant and Calendar reminders

Google is incorporating Assistant and Calendar reminders into its Tasks app in the latest step of its app cleanup drive. By unifying its to-do systems, the company hopes to make it easier to manage your tasks and reminders from any of these three apps.

Google Tasks, which debuted as a standalone app in 2018, currently operates in its own compartment. You can create tasks, subtasks, and set reminders in the iOS and Android apps, as well as in Gmail or Google Drive on the web via a side panel. These, however, do not appear in your Assistant reminders. Furthermore, Calendar has two separate options for creating tasks and reminders, which may be confusing to users. Google is attempting to rectify this with an update that will be released in the coming months. When it becomes available, users who set a reminder with Google Assistant will see it in both the Tasks and Calendar lists. They will also receive a task completion reminder notification at the specified time.

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