Google ties up with CWC to provide flood alerts on Android phones

Google in association with the Central Water Commission (CWC) has taken flood forecasting initiative over the past several months, and sent numerous public alerts to people in impacted regions across the country. These alerts provide timely, updated, and critical information that can help users make informed decisions on their safety, and that of their families and friends.

Any user in the affected region having an Android smartphone with location services enabled will receive these alerts, it added. Various parts of the country, including Assam and Bihar, are grappling with floods. “We are currently issuing these notifications in English, Hindi, and Bengali, depending on the device language and location of users,” Google said.

Users can also use Search to enter a query on a flood-affected area to see key information on the current situation in that region, it added. If there is a current flooding situation in the area, the user will see a visual overview of key information, including the rise or fall in the water level in the next day with a description of the recent situation containing specific guidance.

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