Govt Launches iDEX4Fauji To Identify Possible Areas For Innovation

In an attempt to boost innovations in the defense sector, India’s Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, on September 29, launched the iDEX4Fauji initiative. The initiative was launched as part of the fourth instalment of the Defence Indian Startup Challenge (DISC-4).

While some of the earlier innovation challenges launched by the Indian government under the Innovations for Defence Excellence (iDEX) initiative, such as the Defence India Startup Challenge (DISC), were aimed to bridge the gap between tech-focused Indian startups and the armed forces, the iDEX4Fauji initiative is meant as a platform where ideas for possible innovations identified by members of the armed forces can be supported and built upon.

While announcing the initiative on Twitter, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh wrote, “This IDEX4Fauji initiative will bolster frugal innovative ideas from soldiers and help to revolutionise the future of our Armed Forces. Our soldier would not only have a thorough understanding of their own requirements but also have the necessary support of innovators & Startups.”

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