Health tech startup Breathe Well-being aims to make India diabetic free

Breathe Well-being, a health-tech startup that helps people prevent, manage and reverse Type 2 Diabetes was founded in 2020 by Rohan Verma (ex-McKinsey) & Aditya Kaicker(ex-Accenture) who are 2nd-time founders in the healthcare space.

The company recently raised $1 million in Pre-Series A round led by 3one4 Capital and is also backed by Y Combinator & other leading institutional investors.

The personalized and interactive wellness gamified platform uses a combination of world-class coaches, nutrition experts, peer support and community challenges to help their subscribers with Type 2 Diabetes reduce HbA1c, lose weight & stop diabetes medication eventually, all while building long-term healthy habits.

Rohan Verma, Co-Founder & CEO, Breathe Well-being says, “At Breathe Well-being, we strongly believe that medication is not a long-term solution for diabetes and that diabetes can be reversed. In recent years, India has seen an increase in pre-diabetic and diabetic individuals owing to unhealthy habits, stressful careers, and sedentary lifestyles. Our clinically proven program addresses 70 million diabetic people and assists them to manage/reverse their conditions, reduce their dependence on medication and lead healthier lives. With the help of our experts and our program, we aim to create a diabetes free future for India."

How It Works?

The Breathe Well-being outcome-driven lifestyle program is based on 3 pillars: knowledge, feedback and motivation. The year-long program designed to address these three pillars is split across 10 levels.

The program can be accessed via the Breathe mobile app. Once the Type 2 Diabetic patient enrolls in the program, Breathe coach helps him/her transform into an athlete and starts the program at Level 1. During the course of the program, as they reach level 10, they become a Champion, where they have successfully reversed diabetes.

Breathe Well-being app is available on the App store and Play store, and their clinically proven program has helped over 10,000 members to lose weight, reduce blood sugar and prevent health complications.

Recent Updates

Breathe Well-being recently raised $1 million in Pre-Series A round led by 3one4 Capital. The funds raised to be used to scale up the tech platform, strengthen the coaching academy and for team expansion. Since its inception, Breathe Well-being continues to achieve a 30% m-o-m growth rate and has seen a 22X increase in its membership base.

Given the pandemic, Breathe Well-being has decided to provide a complementary extension of one month for all its members who are undergoing the program. They have launched Covid Special Yoga classes for all their customers free of cost to help them with immunity and address Covid related symptoms, especially as they also have to focus on managing diabetes which is a complicated health issue when clubbed with Covid.

The company's major focus right now is to humanise the workplace and its biggest goal is to care for the team. Breathe Well-being has launched medical insurance and a mental wellness therapy program for its employees to help them deal with the Covid crisis and bereavement in their families.

Future Plans

Breathe Well-being has been seeing significant traction both on the users and coaches side. To accommodate the rising interest in the program, the company will be hiring at twice the pace from earlier. India is the diabetes capital of the world with 150 million patients suffering from chronic lifestyle diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes, PCOD, thyroid and hypertension. It has been reported that 24% people across age groups are prediabetic. The company is on a mission to help 10 million Indians over the next 5 years to reverse and manage Type 2 Diabetes while building a trusted and loved community for people with chronic conditions.

About the founder

Rohan Verma, an alumni of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, an ex-McKinsey consultant and an experienced entrepreneur comes with a rich business understanding of education, healthcare, wellness and fitness space. In his previous stints at McKinsey & Company and Nomura as a strategy consultant, he has worked across various sectors such as pharma, automobiles, private equity, & government sector across multi functionalities. Rohan was associated with TEDxCQ, Singapore as a curator and also ran an education-focused technology venture prior to starting off with his corporate career. Today, Rohan is a Crossfit Level 2 trainer and a mindfulness coach, Co-founder and CEO at Breathe Well-Being where he leads strategy and business development.

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