How did the Idea Pop out for “A student network for India”.

Have you at any point thought that every other student will be sharing their CV/Resume to the organization in which you are applying? What makes you different from the other students, is it the internship you have done with reputed organizations or your experience or extracurricular? 

Everything that you have done is also in another person's CV, at that point for what reason would any organization think about you over them? 

Hi I am Gaurav Sharma and I'll be sharing my startup journey with you.

I was confronting a similar issue when I began my journey towards Jobs and Internships during my college, I found it very difficult to find a desired internship and later job because sometimes I was rejected & avoided due to lack of professionalism, was not able to convey my thoughts during the time of the interview, sometime the reason was that my work and thoughts were not organized & even CV/Resume was not able to correctly portray my experience my work and the thing I am genuinely good at. I faced a lot of rejection, companies avoid me and people like me because CV & Resume are not able to portray us that who exactly we're what we can do. It made me feel that maybe I am in the wrong profession or do I have a lack of what we say “Jugaad” but it wasn’t these it was something lacking in me or the way I was being represented.

Around the same time, my cousin Akshay who is also the co-founder was working on his own blog and earning through google ads. He just used to post blogs related to his academics such as his notes and his project reports and the research which might be helpful for people with similar niche. 

One day we were both in a discussion and this topic of a problem with Indian academics popped up, we both shared our personal experiences and merged our ideas and boom. We had the first vision of thesocialcomment, the student network for India with the sole purpose of learning with earning. We came to up with an idea to create a platform where every student gets a chance to present themselves uniquely in contrast to CV. & Resume with showing real-time experience and if students are working so hard then why not allow them to start monetizing their work.

While I wasn't from a tech background and Akshay was from a hardware domain, we needed a brain just like ours who could translate our vision into a reality over a server. That's when Nivesh joined in. The technical vision which was lacking from the company was given a boost when Nivesh joined with all his technical expertise.

All of us started working, with a common vision of transforming learning & earning system for students. Each and every student has done some form of assignments, homework or project irrespective of their streams. They can post their work on the website in form of Blogs, Artworks, projects, Skills. Their work would be specifically targeted to the students/user of similar niche so they can keep track of the education methods all over the country and also learn and collaborate with each other. By doing so they'll be generating traffic and we allow them to monetize their content (I bet you've never thought that you'll be paid for doing your homework).

All the work will generate a virtual portfolio based on the user ratings. So they can show what exactly they are good at, what exactly they have learned from the other Jobs & Internship by simply uploading their work which will be having its unique value and convert work into a rated virtual portfolio. Even the recruiter or an employer will easily be able to understand the candidate. The thesocialcomment targets the virtual portfolio to the recruiter based on the merits and demerits of the user, thus increasing the chance of getting selected and reducing the rejection rate. It will moreover turn to help them develop a network not only with students who have vastly different skill sets or solutions to problems but also with users who have a similar taste/niche and an earning source in student phase is a major problem in India and we're trying to fill that gap.

I would propose everybody who is reading this create a profile and stand apart from the crowd by signing up & the fact is that whoever has a virtual portfolio has a unique journey. It will be simpler for you to present and for organizations to invest in an appropriate candidate. 

Above all, it's Free, Useful & Easy to Manage. Sign up here.

And, here I am sharing with you some link of some students who created their Virtual Portfolio and some of them are now working in good companies. || || ||

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