• Ishaan kakkar

Indian foodtech startup SmartQ acquired by UK-based Compass Group

The India unit of UK-based Compass Group, which claims to be the world’s largest contract food service company, has acquired a majority stake in the foodtech startup SmartQ. The acquisition will enable Compass India to develop and deploy similar solutions across its client base, as part of the company’s “return to work” strategy for business growth.

SmartQ provides services such as centralised billing system for cafeterias and canteens, contactless prepaid cards, point-of-sale software and automated billing kiosks. It works towards enhancing cafeteria and food-court experiences by eliminating queues and minimising wait time for customers or employees.

“The workforce in India today is increasingly made up of people who have either grown up or are deeply accustomed to personal technology. They are our core consumers and are driving a change in the way we operate contract food services to meet their needs. We want to be at the forefront of this change, continually leading innovation and reinventing our service and experience model,” said Dev Amritesh, managing director for Compass Group India.

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