Indians lead the world as Facebook big bug hunters

Social media giant Facebook has awarded over $1.98 Mn to researchers from more than 107 countries for reporting bugs on the platform. India, Tunisia and the US were the top three countries based on the bounties awarded this year.

The amount has been awarded under Facebook’s bug bounty programme, which rewards researchers and cybersecurity experts for finding vulnerabilities of the platform. The company aims to use Facebook’s bug bounty programme to make its platform more secure and less susceptible to threats. A lot of these experts were offered jobs

in Facebook's security and engineering teams as well.

It has been its 10th year, launching in the year 2011, has received more than 13,000 reports so far out of which 6,900 were rewarded. This year the total number of reports were 17,000 out of which there were more than 1000 bounty reports.

“When we receive a valid report that requires a fix, we look not only at the report as it was submitted but at the underlying area of code to understand the issue in greater depth. Sometimes this proactive investigation leads us to discover related improvements we can make to better protect people’s security and privacy,” said Dan Gurfinkel, Facebook’s security engineering manager.

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