Intents is mapping India’s potholes using just your phone

Potholes in India is more like a Universal thing. No matter where you go, you’ll find one or more roads with potholes. While drivers have upskilled their driving to compensate for rough roads, there are still many accidents around the country.

In 2018, A total of 22,656 pedestrians were killed in various incidents including 2015 people who lost their lives on the roads due to potholes across the country. Aditionally there are many other unreported incidents that might not have come to the fore.

While Google Maps has improved over the years in charting Indian roads, it still doesn’t have information about dents and cavities in the road and this is where Intents is doing a great job. The firm has created a simple application to capture potholes using your phone’s sensors, such as gyroscope and accelerometer. Its algorithm observes changes in your vehicle’s speed and sudden dips and jumps to determine if a road has potholes in certain places.

The best thing about it is that the app or the company doesn't need the user's personal data and to enhance the privacy of the collected data, it’s stored behind a public key infrastructure (PKI). The company claims that its users are mapping more than 750,000 kilometers daily, with more than 150,000 potholes or speed breakers being recorded. Its aslo takes care of repaired potholes. When more than 10 vehicles pass a spot where a dent was previously recorded, the cavity is removed from the system. The startup claims to be removing 30,000 potholes per day based on this data.

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