• Chethan Machaknur

Internet Freedom Foundation Raises Concern Over India’s Move For Backdoor Access To Information

The Internet Freedom Foundation (IFF), an Indian digital liberties organisation which seeks to ensure that technology respects the fundamental rights of citizens has raised concerns over the Indian government’s move to join five other countries, including the US, in calling on tech companies to allow backdoor access to encrypted communication, asking if such a statement was issued with legal consultation.

The digital rights advocacy group has filed an RTI with the Ministry of Home Affairs, External Affairs and Electronics & IT asking if any legal opinion was sought before becoming a signatory and whether the government plans to introduce any legislation pursuant to the becoming a signatory.

This comes after the UK home department released a joint statement on October 11 which is signed by governments of Australia, Canada, India, Japan, New Zealand and the United States asking tech companies to work with governments and find solutions to ensure the safety of citizens, without eroding user privacy or cyber security.

“End-to-end encryption is implemented in a way that precludes all access to content, even to investigate the most serious crimes, including terrorism, and child sexual exploitation and abuse,” the document revealed.

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