Kanpur’s first drive-in picnic

Status Hospitality Group in Kanpur utilises their unused banqueting lawns to launch Drive & Dine by Dhuaan, a drive-in restaurant where guests can opt to eat in their cars, or on picnic tables.

Yash Malhotra and his sister Insha Malhotra, both directors of the group and undergraduates from Cornell University in hotel management are behind their hometown’s latest unique 'drive-in' restaurant concept.

The business, which is based out of Kanpur has two main elements, according to Malhotra. "One is the Landmark Tower Hotel Kanpur, which is the city's only five star hotel and the other is Status Hospitality Group, which includes about 10 independent restaurants, around 15 banqueting venues, a couple of large scale resorts aimed at the wedding market, which unfortunately is kind of non-existent right now," Yash said.Current capacity stands at around 15 cars. Originally, the plan was to use one of the bigger lawns with a capacity for a 2,000 people wedding function—about 50 cars—but then they thought it would be wiser to go for a smaller cosier space, he added

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