Karnataka High Court revokes the FIR filed last year against Dream11's cofounders

The Karnataka high court has dismissed the FIR filed against the founders of Mumbai-based fantasy sports platform Dream11, Bhavit Sheth and Harsh Jain. The decision was based on a division bench order that nullified several provisions of the Karnataka Police Act, 2021.

Online gaming has grown in popularity in India. However, various state governments associate online gaming with gambling and wagering, and thus prohibit participation in online games. In a similar vein, the state government of Karnataka banned "games of chance."

Dream11 ceased operations in Karnataka last year after a complaint was filed against its founders. The complaint was filed in response to the state government's prohibition on online gaming involving betting and wagering. The complainant stated that he checked Google Play to see if online gaming apps were still available in Karnataka after the Karnataka Police (Amendment) Bill, 2021 was amended. Many apps had already blocked access, but Dream11 was still operational, according to the complainant.

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