Khatabook Rebrands Online Storefront App Amid Legal Tussle With Dukaan

Business ledger app Khatabook has rebranded its online storefront app to ‘MyStore’ app which allows businesses and sellers to list their products on an online web store and make it discoverable through social media channels or directly through a URL.

Speaking to Inc42, Ravish Naresh, cofounder and CEO of Khatabook said the initial prototype pilot had a different name. However, realising its potential to grow globally, the company decided to rebrand it so that it resonates with global users.

The rebranding comes after Khatabook ran into legal trouble with, which enables digital storefronts for small merchants through an app called ‘Dukaan’, sent a legal notice to Khatabook’s parent company Kyte Technologies for plagiarising its entire platform and trademark violation for its app ‘Dukaan by Khatabook’. However, Khatabook denied these allegations.

A Khatabook spokesperson had earlier told Inc42, “Khatabook team had outsourced the development of the Dukaan application to Growthpuond Technology Private Limited & Risemetrics Inc (, who were already consulting with Khatabook in the capacity of a Digital Marketing Agency. Post-development and on the premise of testing it, the outsourced team published the app on the Playstore, using Khatabook’s proprietary data, in what we see as a clear case of intellectual property theft.”

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